Average Weekday Peak Demand


The Triad Periods are the three half-hours in each winter season (November to February) that have the highest demand peaks on the electricity network. The three peaks have to be separated by ten days, so an extreme week-long cold snap can only dictate one of the three Triad Periods. The peaks tend to be in the half hour between 5 – 5.30pm.

Customers receiving pass-through charges pay their share based on consumption during Triads. Triads occur when industrial demand coincides with the domestic teatime period. However, with prior warning, you can reduce this charge – which often runs to tens of thousands of pounds – by reducing consumption when you know a Triad is going to occur.

Executives say this “third world” scenario is becoming more frequent, as companies try to avoid using energy at peak times. Mark Broxholme of Tata Steel stated he shut down between 4-6pm every day during a particular week in February when it accidentally operated during a half-hour peak time period costing £1m.

“It costs us £27 to boil the kettle [during a triad]. We end up telling our workers to sit in the mess room together to keep warm because we can’t afford to keep going,” Mr Pedderm, chairman of Sheffield Forge masters stated.

As we can see from the graph above, with fewer companies working on the weekend, demand for electricity drops significantly. The lack of Friday triads could be explained by companies closing earlier. Furthermore, it also shows the significant drop in electricity demand.

alfaenergy offers customers receiving pass through charges a free Triad Warning Service. Warnings are also given a day ahead, rather than just a few hours, allowing you more time to prepare.

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