AEG Steering Committee: Our Net Zero Charter


Alfa Energy Group (AEG) has just completed the footprint of our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. We will shortly be releasing our Net Zero Charter, which publicly announces our net zero target, the breakdown of our emissions into the three Scopes, sets out who is responsible, and gives backing from our CEO to pursue all measures necessary to achieve this ambitious goal.

As many of you are aware, AEG has set an ambitious target of becoming net zero by 2025. We will now begin working on the next stage, which is the reduction strategy. The strategy will be different for the two main business centres that AEG operates: London and Sarajevo, due partially to the low availability of renewable energy certificates in Bosnia, as well as the different business functions that each business centre carries out.

We will be looking at improving the granularity of the data we have collected so far to provide a more accurate representation of our emissions. The strategy will look at onsite generation, energy efficiency, procurement, and alternative products, and reducing business travel and commuting, among others.

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