Treat others as you wish to be treated, act with integrity even if no one is watching, and be accountable for your actions.

Keep learning, keep trying different things, and work on exceeding your expectations.

Face challenges with an open and resourceful mind, go with the flow and remain flexible.

Work together with your colleagues, suppliers, and clients to reach a common goal.

Approach all you do with enthusiasm, show how much you care, and create positive progress.


  • Vesna Arnautovic

    Vesna Arnautovic

    Senior Sales Support Specialist

    "The Sales Support department provides support to consultants in nearly every aspect involving energy cost management by processing data in a highly detailed manner, all while following rules set by suppliers. We continuously work on improving our work processes and expanding our skills."
  • Mark Mullvile

    Mark Mulville

    Senior Energy Consultant

    "The energy market is complex, but if you feel that you are people-oriented and have excellent communication skills with a passion to strive to succeed in an area with challenges, then you’ll do great as a consultant."