To meet the net zero carbon agenda, businesses need a strategy to generate income and manage costs through activities such as Demand Response, PPA agreements for existing generation, Export PPAs, and on-site renewables.

We have an integrated suite of flexibility and asset management services to minimise energy consumed from the grid, as well as the renewables your business returns to the grid. We work with you to optimise your energy assets through on-site storage, demand response, and smart charging.

We are able to assist with the design and delivery of energy efficiency programmes and audits to identify energy waste and reduce your organisation’s energy use and overall carbon emissions.

These include:

  • Policy and strategy
  • Energy site audits
  • Project management and implementation
  • Carbon certification support and establishing a carbon footprint
  • Staff awareness training
  • AMR advice and installation

With many organisations advanced in implementing energy and carbon reduction technologies, we are now assisting organisations to determine if on-site renewable technologies are the right investment. Of the technologies currently available, we also assist clients to determine which is the most appropriate to achieve their cost and sustainability objectives.

Renewable energy technologies are broken down into two distinct areas:

  • Renewable Electricity Generation
  • Renewable Heat Generation
We will work with you to understand your objectives and through consultation and analysis determine the most appropriate technologies to meet your requirements, from feasibility studies through to project managing the implementation of approved recommendations.

We offer:

  • Independent technology-agnostic advice
  • Site audit and feasibility studies
  • Defined strategy and recommendations
  • Assessment of financing options and access to funding
  • Solution design, tendering, project management of installation, and maintenance support

With the onslaught of renewable energy and the volatility this erratic power generation has brought to the grid supply, there is a need to smooth demand and supply to help balance the grid at peak periods of demand. New incentives and products to support DSR initiatives and engagement have resulted.

We facilitate studies for the feasibility and implementation of demand response services, supporting grid balancing requirements, and delivering a revenue stream to clients. Demand response can be operated with little or no disruption to your business operations, depending on the operational requirements of your organisation.

Our partner aggregates client assets across many sites to help balance grid power supply during peak periods of electricity demand, operating demand response programs that include:

  • FR (Frequency Response)
  • STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve)
  • TRIAD Management
  • Capacity Market

Energy infrastructure and storage solutions are changing within the industry at an extremely fast pace as technology becomes more advanced. Businesses, however, are under pressure to react and improve their sites with new technologies to reduce cost and carbon emissions.

Through our network, we can support you with clever simple solutions for upgrades to your on-site energy system. Whether that be electric mobility with vehicle lease plans, installing charge points, and data management or through new storage solutions, including high performance battery storage solutions to support EVs or on-site power management, we can table options and plans to suit various requirements and budgets.

To best utilise on-site energy assets and generate income for your business, we will work with you to create a plan to help you secure the right export PPA contracts for your businesses in each country of operation.

The most palpable export PPAs are on-site, or distributed generation, such as wind or solar projects at a facility or on company property.

Retail-sleeved PPAs allow for the renewable resource to be managed by a retail electricity provider within the same grid network.


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