Alfa Energy provides software modules to clients to help them:

  • Track cost and consumption data

  • Identify efficiency opportunities

  • Perform energy savings measurement & verification on completed projects

  • Provide reports that will support behavioural and process change

  • Make well-founded project and energy purchasing decisions

  • Eliminate invoicing errors and estimated billing while streamlining payment processes

  • Centralise all data for portfolio management and reporting

  • Simplify data access to meet carbon & compliance targets

  • Improve budgeting, accruals, accounting, and cash flow performance

  • Understand your carbon footprint, identify emissions waste, set and monitor net zero targets, report on sustainability and demostrate success.

For more information about our modules, see below. To discuss your requirements and learn more about our development capabilities, please get in touch.

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Secure is the digital energy risk management platform our risk analysts use to identify and assess risk related to energy purchasing for your portfolio. It offers a robust market overview with comprehensive reporting. Automatic notifications make it easy to monitor client positions and react. Supporting our analysts deliver to your strategy, the systems helps to monitor, report, and provide:

  • A track of all trades made for a particular contract
  • Generate Mark-to-Market reports: see how your portfolio price varies over time
  • A budget overview
  • Management Intelligence (MI) reports for internal use
  • An overview of market movements, with historic data
  • Triggers for upper and lower market positions
  • Robust analysis and reporting
  • Multiple users, with different privileges to provide relevant and secure access and reporting
  • Contract performance benchmarking
  • Supports our robust governance and compliance processes

ASSURE is our professional energy cost control platform that provides tracking and analysis of utility costs and consumption.

Control your gas and electricity portfolio from a secure and centralised document library. Different levels of access can be granted from group to individual company to any specific site.

All elements of your invoices are validated, including rates, consumption, third-party charges, and site details. Using ASSURE, we can support you in highlighting and recovering overcharges or alternatively undercharges to ensure your accounts are balanced.

Easily exportable PDF and Excel reports give you an overview of your portfolio. Specific query and saving reports allow you to track open queries and monitor savings.

With ASSURE, you can control and improve your cash flow while freeing up your time and resources to focus elsewhere on your business.

Recharge is our proprietary tenant re-charging software platform. The system allows you to re-bill your tenants efficiently and transparently by utilising preset metrics and consumption in order to produce accurate invoices. These metrics can consist of any methodology, including AMR readings from data logging equipment, square feet, square metres, or a percentage of any given service charge.

The system translates usage and current supply contract details in order to produce an invoice. Regular and accurate reconciliations allow you to stay on top of any discrepancies. Invoices are produced for you and your tenants, and customisable reports can be created to monitor the re-charge process.

To manage large and complex energy and water estates, efficient management of queries, and communication between all parties is critical. Resolve is a proprietary software solution that allows us and our clients to manage all client queries across any portfolio, no matter how complex they may be.

Resolve supports us in maximising efficiencies to identify and resolve energy and water queries quickly and in the most transparent manner across all of our client contacts. The system identifies and records requests directly from email, phone, or manual input. All users will have a personalised dashboard to cover their current account status, query performance, and, importantly, open and most urgent queries.

A range of detailed customisable reports are available to the users to run at their convenience, including query tracking and statistics analysis, detailed query reports, user efficiency reviews, and others. These reports produce valuable information that help organisations in resource management by allocating work to particular individuals and also allowing them to identify particular business or query areas that could be improved.

An integrated document management system acts as a knowledge base to share expertise, information, and external reports between relevant parties, enabling clients to create a unique structure and access for their individual needs.

How Resolve will help your business:

  • Simple setup
  • Never miss or lose a request – application fail safes ensure capture and resolution of all issues and an absolute audit trail
  • Efficient query resolution
  • Seamless communication between email and the portal
  • High data security via AZZURE Microsoft Cloud
  • Real-time overview of all query statuses in one window
  • Access to multiple users, with the ability to set different privileges
  • Automatic flagging of any anomalies or unregistered users
  • Highly customisable notification and alert functions
  • Peace of mind – the system flags any inefficiency regarding query management
  • Process improvement – the system highlights matters requiring particularly attention to ensure repeat issues are identified and resolved
  • Resource allocation improvement
  • Simple find function, with advanced search engine and efficient storage
  • Robust reporting system that supports PDF and Excel exports
  • High urgency notification function, with custom dates and chase list
  • Knowledge base for the saving and exchange of documents, reports, and useful information, including standards for processes across complex organisations to ensure efficiency and consistency

VISION is our cloud-based data platform. It has been designed to drive sustainability and performance management. The platform has four key management reporting areas:

1. Sustainability Reporting Our sustainability reporting software provides insights to inform your sustainability business planning and strategy. Creating a robust single system of record, businesses can report with confidence.

2. Utility Expense Management Processing utility bills is time consuming. By collecting data into one single system of record that’s powerful and flexible enough for finance, procurement and sustainability, we simplify data collection, identify errors and improve payment processing.

3. Energy Management VISION software facilitates transparency into how and energy efficiency projects (solar PV and metered assets are performing in real time to prioritize and manage initiatives that reduce energy consumption and emissions. Businesses can only manage what is measured

4. Building Optimisation Building Optimization Solutions allows transparency into how businesses energy consuming equipment is performing. It facilitates data-driven maintenance strategies that prolong equipment lifespan, reduce site disruptions, and improve indoor environmental quality.

The platform facilitates building a foundation of data enabling streamlined reporting. This helps engage teams which accelerates decarbonisation. The platform offers a comprehensive modular software system that drives sustainability performance management, whether you are from the sustainability team, heading up energy management, working in Procurement and finance, responsible for facilities management, or a C suite executive, this platform will provide every insight you need.


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