It’s Always Better Together


Our Partner Channel collaborates with consultants across the US to help them offer a wider variety of services to their clients, far beyond procurement.

Because we are an independent energy consultancy, we work with all suppliers. As our partner, you will be able to provide your clients with a wide span of prices.

We care for your clients the same as we care for ours, providing them with support throughout the life of their energy contracts as part of our Total Energy Cost Management offer.

Our analysts track the market, passing the information on to you and your clients, so that you can work smarter.

Come and partner with a reputable energy consultancy and benefit from:

  • Access to latest market information
  • Access to a large base of suppliers
  • IT system for managing your client portfolio
  • Instant price comparisons
  • Quick payment processing
  • Extensive training

We ask that our partners share our core values and the gold standard we aim to uphold.


Treat others as you wish to be treated, act with integrity even if no one is watching, and be accountable for your actions.

Keep learning, keep trying different things, and work on exceeding your expectations.

Face challenges with an open and resourceful mind, go with the flow and remain flexible.

Work together with your colleagues, suppliers, and clients to reach a common goal.

Approach all you do with enthusiasm, show how much you care, and create positive progress.

Agent Channel Application - United States

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Full administration supportAssistance with queriesCorporate tender facilityMarket informationTraining on specific products
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Step 2 - Getting to Know Your Business

What does your business specialize in?
Energy efficiencyTelecommunicationsConsultancyAccountancyEnergy procurement


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