John Hall, Chairman of Alfa Energy, Honoured with Award of Council by the Energy Institute

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On February 11, John Hall, the Chairman of alfaenergy, was presented with the Award of Council of the Energy Institute by Louise Kingham, OBE, FEI, CEO of the Institute.

During his brief speech of thanks he stated: “We have some serious issues in the UK – much of our gas has been depleted and sold off cheaply, and by 2020 we shall be importing 80% of our needs but, looking ahead, we may yet have an opportunity with shale. The electricity market is being restructured 25 years on with EMR. Will the Hinckley nuclear station really happen? EDF will develop it but where will the funding come from – Japan, India or China? Low energy prices today don’t help investment decisions for tomorrow! Now, with an election coming up, I hope that someone will explain to party political leaders how the markets operate and then perhaps they will not make rash promises, requiring the market to do something that it cannot effectively do.”

The Award of Council is presented to those who have made significant contributions to the Institute. John, a Fellow of the Energy Institute, has been very much involved with the Institute throughout the years. He has helped to build programs, develop data services and statistical information for public consumption, and design briefings. He has also spoken at events held by the Institute to share his knowledge of the energy industry.

The Energy Institute is the professional body for the energy industry. It facilitates in the professional development of individuals and companies working with energy in an aim to promote excellence in practice.

John is also a Member of the Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies, the Parliamentary Group on Energy Costs, an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, and a Member of the Market Research Society. In 1973, he set up John Hall Associates, which became one of the principal energy consultancies operating within the European Union with partners in the US, and which, in 2009, was merged with Energy Quote. After a sabbatical, he joined alfaenergy in 2013 as Chairman, where he plans to stay for the foreseeable future.

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