Are You Ready to Make the Most Out of P272?


The P272 regulation affects organisations in the UK who have electricity meters in profile classes 05-08. By 1st April 2017, all these meters will need to be migrated from NHH (Non-Half-Hourly) to HH (Half-Hourly), enabling the capability to bill on HH consumption data.

Any supply contract renewed any time after 5th November 2015 must be settled using HH consumption within a 45-day period from the contract start date, with all meters being migrated by 1st April 2017.

The migration to HH settlement will have a number of consequences for your supply and, more importantly, on your costs. The list below captures those that are most important and that immediately affect you:

  1. You will have to appoint a new HH Meter Operator and Data Collector/Data Aggregator (MOP and DC/DA). The costs for the MOP and DC/DA were previously consolidated into your delivered rates, but they will now have to be paid upfront directly to them. Overall, HH MOP and DC/DA charges tend to be higher than NHH, but you will have a chance to go to the competitive market and choose.
  2. Your bills will always be settled using actual HH profile consumption data, which will mean an increase in transparency. However, it is not possible to say whether this will mean a higher or lower overall cost as it will depend on how your actual profile differs from the one traditionally estimated by the industry for your type of supply.

You probably have been receiving communications from your supplier offering their preferred metering solutions. To make the most of the new open environment and minimise any cost increase, here at alfaenergy, we have developed a competitive package.

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Gianluigi Corbani

Gianluigi is an experienced energy professional with almost 20 years in the industry. From initial experiences with the UK arm of one of North America largest energy infrastructure companies and one of the legacy UK big six energy suppliers, for the past 15 years Gianluigi has been working as a consultant helping clients manage their energy requirements. As an expert energy consultant, Gianluigi has been providing tailored advice to clients in areas such as large scale meter roll outs, utility infrastructure projects, data capture and management. More recently, he has been taking the lead in developing Alfa Energy’s integrated client proposition on sustainability and net zero. Gianluigi experience in successfully delivering solutions for clients across a number of European Countries covers a diverse range of industries including amongst others Food Production, Distribution and Retail; Fashion Retail; Telecom; Managing Agents: Construction; Chemical Manufacturing; and Transport.