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B&H and World Events in Electricity Forum Held in Sarajevo

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Electricty Forum

On Tuesday, October 31st, Alfa Energy Group, in collaboration with the UK Department for International Trade, held a forum for commericial energy users at Hotel Holiday in Sarajevo.

The event brought together around 100 representatives of local businesses, suppliers, and regulatory bodies for discussions on the Bosnian and Herzegovinian electricity market, its drivers, and advice on choosing the best procurement strategy.

The British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, HE Edward Ferguson, opened the forum, along with Assistant Minister for the Sector of Energy at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Admir Softic.

In a free market, the electricity user has a leading role, and that role comes with responsibilities they must undertake when it comes to choosing a supply strategy and a business energy contract. The goal of the forum was to explain the challenges ahead and how businesses can make the right choices.

The official partners of the event were Red Bull and Volkswagen AG.

For pictures of the event, visit our Facebook page.