UK Business Energy Event: Does the UK Have a Sound Energy Policy Beyond Brexit?

Business Energy Event

On 15 March 2018, UK energy consultancy Alfa Energy Group and the Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies (PGES) will be hosting a conference, UK Energy Market – Before & Beyond Brexit, at the Royal Society in London.

As in past years, attendees will have the opportunity to listen and take part in discussions with some of the UK’s leading energy industry experts. Geared towards businesses, the conference will cover what lies ahead for the UK following Brexit and amidst other geopolitical events, plus more practical topics such as the challenges of managing large international energy portfolios and utilising opportunities from commodity markets.

“With two elections behind us and plans to leave the EU ahead of us, is there a sound policy to determine our energy needs?” said John Hall, Alfa Energy Group Chairman. “With this event, our goal is to gather UK businesses and hear their challenges so we can have a fitful discussion with relevant industry experts as the speakers of the event. Additionally, the latest trends in energy risk management will be shared with the businesses.”

The event is free of charge, and speakers will include, among others, Dr Cornelia Meyer of MRL Corporation, Jeremy Nicholson of the Energy Intensive Users’ Group, Jerome Buckley of an international retail group, and Wayne Bryan and Jason Durden of Alfa Energy Group. The topics will be:

  • “Global Political Outlook and Where the UK Sits Today and Beyond Brexit”
  • “The UK Energy Policy that We Need from Government”
  • “Are Energy and Industrial Policies Compatible with Climate Targets?”
  • “Managing the Energy Portfolio of 600+ Pan-European Sites”
  • “Utilising the Opportunities that Prevail from Commodity Markets”
  • “Managing Energy Risk of a Diverse Pan-European Portfolio in a Volatile Market”

For more information on the event, please visit Registration is still open for any business with high energy use. Seats are limited, so don’t miss out on reserving one for your business.

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