Boris Johnson’s Cabinet Reshuffle: Promising with respect to energy


Jeremy Nicholson, energy market expert and Corporate Affairs Officer at Alfa Energy Group is optimistic that the changes in the top ranks of the UK government could prove to be advantageous for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

[London, July 26th] — Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle has been causing an uproar on all front pages with the Mail calling the changes a ‘cabinet massacre’, whilst the Times described it as ‘the most brutal cabinet purge in modern political history’, but are the new cabinet appointments as negative as they seem?

Jeremy Nicholson, energy market expert and Corporate Affairs Officer at Alfa Energy Group is not cynical. In his recent interview with Energy Live News, Jeremy states that he believes the new Prime Minister ‘s reshuffle was “relatively logical”, noting that new Business and Energy Secretary Andrea Leadsom is suitably experienced for the position.

Though disappointed that her predecessor Claire Perry did not remain in a ministerial position, after proving an “unusually enthusiastic, keen and knowledgeable Energy Minister”. Mr Nicholson also noted that it was “very interesting” that the new role of President of COP 26 has been created – he said the position was “hugely important to net-zero agenda and everything that comes with it”.

He also hopes that Boris Johnson ‘s “positive and can-do attitude” will prove useful in dealing with tough environmental issues, which is important if the 2050 net-zero target is going to be “convincing and solid” across the next three decades. However, regarding the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, he said: It’s somewhat refreshing to see such an ebullient, optimistic character in Number 10, could it prove a disaster, it’s entirely possible, but it’s not going to be dull finding out.”

Overall, Mr Nicholson concluded with a positive outlook on the situation, ‘’ I think that spirit of optimism is positive, my question mark is whether that is going to be tempered by realism and understanding at a technical level within the ministerial posts and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

“I’m relatively optimistic about that but there are some new faces and time will tell.”


Jeremy Nicholson
Corporate Affairs Officer
Alfa Energy Group

Jeremy Nicholson is Alfa Energy Group’s Corporate Affairs Officer. Prior to his current role, he was Director of the Energy Intensive Users’ Group, which campaigns for secure, competitive energy supplies for UK industry. He trained as a civil engineer, specialising in infrastructure and regulatory projects for utilities and their regulators before joining the EIUG as an economic adviser in 2000. He is a board member of IFIEC Europe (the International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers), a member of Ofgem’s Sustainable Development Advisory Group, and Fellow of the Energy Institute.

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