Net Zero Carbon Information Hub Launched by Alfa Energy Group


On 19 May 2020, Alfa Energy Group launched Net Zero Carbon, an educational resource for businesses looking to respond to the UK government’s 2050 net zero target.

Net Zero Carbon was created as a resource to help business through the process of developing and implementing commercial decarbonisation strategies to achieve net zero emissions.

Through Net Zero Carbon and with the help of partners, industry collaborators, and in-house specialists, Alfa Energy Group will provide everything from updates on regulatory and compliance developments, advice from industry experts, net zero journey stories from other businesses, a step-by-step guide to strategy development and implementation, and roundups of ongoing stories in business decarbonisation.

The goal of this new venture is to attract like-minded people and companies to create the sustainability knowledge hub, where participants can share tips, information, contacts, and cutting-edge ideas for the benefit of all. The site aims to provide businesses with a clear, straightforward approach to achieving net zero emissions, as well as providing the resources to develop the knowledge and understanding of the opportunities to deliver this critical objective. In addition, anyone who wishes to contribute is invited to share their thoughts and articles and take an active part in the net zero community.

Alfa Energy Group has also witnessed the rise in consumer, investor, and wider stakeholder awareness of the impact of greenhouse gas emissions through energy consumption on climate change, which has culminated in the 2050 Net Zero emission target being passed into law in the UK. In response to this challenge and the change in services required by clients, the development and growth of its Sustainability and Asset Management services has been brought to the fore.

Commenting of the launch of Net Zero Carbon, Alfa Energy Group CEO, Damir Ahmovic, commented:

“A sea change of legislation and compliance reporting on sustainability and carbon emissions is holding companies to account for their responsibility to mitigate the effects of climate change, and requiring energy users to declare when and how they will meet the UK and other nations net zero targets. The challenge for many is how to do that, and particularly where consumption is outside of their direct control. Providing an educational roadmap for companies to understand to create and implement a net zero strategy, tackling many of these issues head on, with a series of easy to understand guides and best practice examples, can only help to accelerate that necessary change.”

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About Net Zero Carbon:

Net Zero Carbon is brought to you by Alfa Energy Group, a leading international energy, water, and sustainability consultancy. Net Zero Carbon provides independent guides, news, and insight to organisations and those responsible for the delivery of net zero emissions targets.

About Alfa Energy:

Alfa Energy Group is an international energy, water, and sustainability consultancy operating across Europe and as part of the Energy Experts Alliance to support clients with a global reach, working with many commercial and industrial companies requiring independent consultancy, procurement, portfolio, software, and sustainability services.


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