5 Reasons for having an Approved Science – Based Target (SBT)


Boost business resilience and increase competitiveness

Emissions reduction goals often lead to reductions in cost and increases in operational efficiency. SBTs take this further in challenging businesses to align with the net zero economy. This means developing a roadmap for the short- and medium-term to meet the longer-term vision. Being part of this global initiative both differentiates your company and means you are part of a bigger movement. Working together increases the chance of delivering the necessary carbon reductions.

Drive innovation and transform business practices

Setting goals can inspire new solutions and product offerings. The long-term nature of a SBT encourages long-term planning for the development of solutions, technologies and financing.

Build credibility and reputation

Garnering credibility in the sustainability space by committing to an SBT in a transparent and ambitious manner can prove beneficial with investors, consumers and other stakeholders. Rather than simply setting a target you think we can meet, setting an SBT means putting your company on track for where you – and the world – need to be by 2050.

Influence, and prepare for shifts in, public policy

Targets can work to both signal to policy makers that businesses are taking climate science seriously and to help businesses adapt to future policy change. Having a science-based target can help you to build positive relationships with government and regulatory bodies.

Manage climate risk with confidence

Not having an SBT raises a red flag that companies are failing to manage climate risk. Methodologies that enable targets to be directly aligned with the latest science provides extra incentives and a trajectory for future years. Furthermore, SBTi is a collaboration between CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, World Resources Institute and the World Wide Fund for Nature. This official quality check, based on rigorous analysis and grounded in science, gives companies confidence in their plans.

Alfa Energy Group

Alfa Energy Group, an Edison Energy company, is an international energy, sustainability and technology consultant partner with 250 employees over 3 international locations. For over 25 years, Alfa has been servicing its clients’ needs through energy and water management, sustainability, and compliance consulting, and an intuitive ecosystem of user-driven energy, water, and carbon management software platforms. With coveted awards, an international industry-wide recognition, and clever simple solutions, today Alfa is partnering with clients to establish and deliver pivotal net zero strategies. Through smart energy management, the expertise and diligence of its people, transparent processes, and data management, Alfa continues to lead through its recognised gold standard of service delivery.