Response to Chris Skidmore’s Net Zero Review


[LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 17, 2023] — Alfa Energy responds to Chris Skidmore MP’s ‘Independent Review of Net Zero’, titled Mission Zero, which was published on Friday and launched on Monday at Kings College London.

Dr Seyed Ebrahimi, Principal Consultant, Sustainability Operations at Alfa Energy, comments:

“Recent publication of the Net Zero Review, led by Chris Skidmore MP, was a timely piece which recognised the global role the UK has taken in confronting climate change, and that more is required to reap the financial benefits.

“From an operational point of view, it is acknowledged that the transition to net zero is only possible with resilient and flexible supply chains. More needs to be done to counter the threat of regions, or a handful of countries, on accessing critical materials – dictating how, where and when raw material acquisition, manufacturing/production, and processing occurs. As such, it is important that the government, business sectors, pioneers, and customers clearly appreciate the upstream and downstream supply chain requirements/challenges (scalability, time, and resources) of individual sectors that are crucial to reaching our net zero goals.

“Upon these considerations, the UK could take appropriate steps to ensure access to global, diverse, and flexible supply chains, and effectively promote its growing, local circular economy. As captured in the report, the “Critical Minerals Strategy” progresses such initiative. However, more action from the government is required to ensure all direct and indirect supply chains crucial for delivering net zero are targeted and considered. As such, a greater use of technological and infrastructural supply chain assessment could be beneficial to observe short-, mid-, and long-term sustainable strategies. Without a systematic view of the issue at hand, high tier supply chain risks or lower end customer risks, could be disregarded and derail our efforts in reaching net zero by 2050.”

Jeremy Nicholson, Corporate Affairs Officer at Alfa Energy added:

“The UK’s net zero ambitions can’t be realised without the active engagement of businesses of all sorts. Skidmore’s recommendations to review how the tax system supports investment in decarbonisation, and how planning can be reformed to deliver low carbon infrastructure more easily, are especially welcome. The government needs to respond with urgency – there is an awful lot to be done and the clock is ticking.”


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