Jason Durden

June 24, 2019
Geopolitical Risks

Heightened Geopolitical Risks Result in Bullish Markets this Week – Energy Flashback – Week 25

Expiry and heightened geopolitical risks will give bullish support to markets this week. (more…)
April 8, 2019

Summer Markets, Producer Optimisation?

European gas markets have been set alight by a sharp turndown in Norwegian gas flows through Langeled. This has received…
May 30, 2018

Gas and Power Markets a Reappraisal of Risk?

The second quarter of this year has seen a sharp increase in gas and power commodity prices. Moves rival those…
April 9, 2018

Winter 2017, History Repeating?

As the winter season gives way to summer, what were the decisive points and lessons from the winter? What can…
December 8, 2017

UK Gas and Power, Observations on 2017 and Outlook for 2018

Despite the 2018 forward energy curves trading through a 20% range this year, we find ourselves looking at spot and…
August 7, 2017

So That Was Summer 2017, What About Winter?

It may only be the first week of August, but following a warm and dry June / July weather patterns…