Nick Barrance

July 5, 2019

Destination Green

Once again, it’s almost holiday season, and just like any journey you might take, you need a roadmap, a plan…
November 12, 2018

The EVs are Coming!

Considering the government’s ban of the sale of non-hybrid diesel and petrol cars by 2040 and Scotland aiming for 2032,…
August 10, 2018
Streamlined Energy

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

The end of the CRC scheme means something for every business with an electricity supply to their premises. In fact,…
July 9, 2018

Can You Help National Grid Get the Balance Right?

Our clients are becoming increasingly concerned with the impact of pass-through costs to their overall energy supply contract costs. One…
March 16, 2018

Is There a Blockhead to Achieving a Blockchain Utopia?

The energy sector is set for a fundamental change. Long-term, think Blade Runner—everything everywhere integrated, controlled by AI and pre-set…
July 11, 2017

What Do Airline Baggage Allowances and DCP 161 Have in Common?

As we enter the annual holiday season, we might view DCP 161 in the same manner an airline views and…