We offer a host of energy and water bureau services, looking after some of the most complex estates within the UK and internationally.

Our dedicated account management teams and analysts provide ongoing support to manage supply contract and estate management for energy and water services. By using our integrated systems, we can support keeping costs under control, ensuring accurate billing and providing accurate estate management.

We support clients with the perennial issue of incorrect energy and water supply invoices, ensuring you only pay for the energy and water consumed, and at the agreed contractual rates.

ASSURE is our proprietary energy and water invoice validation system built for the UK marketplace. Our experienced invoice validation specialists use ASSURE and other preset metrics to analyse supplier invoices to ensure they match the all-encompassing system-calculated values and parameters. Anomalies are taken up with suppliers and managed through to recovery of funds, with a fully transparent and detailed reporting and query management system.

The ASSURE system provides:

  • Accurate invoicing
  • Cost control
  • Visibility of your energy and water estate
  • Detailed cost and consumption reporting
  • Tracking of open queries and opportunities for savings
  • A secure document library
  • Aligns with internal payment systems and supply electronic billing for administration efficiency and removal of human error
During the onboarding of new clients, we consistently recover significant overpayments from incorrect invoices across regions.

Our systems and processes were specifically developed to manage the most complex multi-site estates, ensuring the most demanding portfolios are managed robustly. With this success, we currently manage some of the most complex property estates in the UK and across Europe.

We will work with you to take control of your organisation’s energy and water estate, handling Changes of Tenancy (COTs), site additions, and disposals and metering arrangements.

We will maintain an up-to-date estate at all times. Our unique systems for commercial property portfolios provide streamlined communications for query management and reporting, offering full transparency and visibility of the estate.

Data management, communication, analysis, and reporting are critical to managing contracts and service delivery to meet an organisation’s energy, water, and sustainability objectives. It ensures efficiency of processes and visibility of estates and the information required to manage and make prompt effective decisions on energy, water, and sustainability matters.

Establishing and delivering a net-zero emissions strategy also hinges on a smart data infrastructure for metering, data capture, analysis, and reporting. Owning our own IT company with significant investment in software development and experienced people, we have in place the tools and processes to manage the most complex organisations, including property portfolios with high churn rates, internationally.

Working with clients, we create the data infrastructure that is right for your needs, connecting the right metering and data solutions to our suite of software modules for:

  • Energy, water, and sustainability management
  • Compliance reporting
  • Estate management
  • Bureau services communications and query management
  • Invoice validation
  • Tenant on-charging
  • Energy price risk management
The systems and the solutions we provide are built to enable automated data capture from multiple sources and also data sharing with your own internal systems.

For more details about our current modules for energy, water, and sustainability management, please go to the Software and Technology section of our website.

Our budgeting and forecasting system helps to create forecasts for commodity and non-commodity charges for guiding you through your internal budgeting activities.

Our developers have built clever, simple solutions, capturing charge information from many third-party sources to provide a fully delivered cost overview. Our forecast model is based on years of experience in energy markets, fixed charges, and estimates based on a variety of our close industry contacts and public information.

Understand your costs better by knowing more about your contract and each applicable charge. Understand why they are increasing with our regular updates and forecast flyers.

Non-commodity costs of electricity and gas invoices have increased steadily across all European countries in recent years and remain set to increase further. These costs cover things like transmission and distribution, funding for government schemes such as a drive to increase renewable generation and other taxation. Whilst there are some common drivers, these costs vary in size across the European countries in which our clients operate.

Keeping an eye on changes and developments is an important aspect for cost control and effective budgeting, so our quarterly non-commodity cost report details the major developments and how these could impact future prices.

With non-commodity costs making up roughly 50% or more of electricity and gas invoices on average, our optimisation service identifies suitable schemes and action points to reduce charges for our customers across Europe.

Enquire here about a subscription to our European Non-Commodity Cost Report.

To learn more about our levies and taxes optimisation services, enquire below.

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The Tenant On-charging service was created specifically for landlords and/or managing agents who pass on their utility charges to tenants and was built to deal with the complexities that may ensue.

Our system allows you to re-bill your tenants efficiently and transparently by using preset metrics and usage to produce accurate invoices based on wanted mechanics (AMR readings, sq. ft. or sq. m., % of service charges).

The system relies on actual usage and contract details, and regular reconciliations allow you to stay on top of any discrepancies. Invoices can be produced for you, and reports based on preset criteria are available.

Reduce your administrative overheads and free up your in-house resources with Tenant On-charging.

For more detail on our Tenant On-charging software, visit the Software and Technology section of our website.


Concerned what we do with your data? Please click here for more information. You have the right to be forgotten. If you would like us to delete the data we hold about you, please send a request to hr@alfaenergy.co.uk.