We deliver truly bespoke energy and water procurement and risk management solutions to our clients.

We can help you arrange a suitable energy purchasing strategy for your portfolio, one that works for your business operational requirements and energy and sustainability targets.

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Our methodology is based on decades of experience in helping our clients secure the best supply contracts available to them.

Through strategy formation:

  • We work through your current energy portfolio
  • We discuss and understand your overall energy objectives
  • We provide a clear strategy recommendation
  • Our risk workshops can help understand your business and identify the right contract structure
  • For flexible contracts, we develop a risk policy with agreed levels of delegation and control
  • Our experts guide you through procurement, contract evaluation, and decision-making
  • We negotiate for you, working with your procurement and legal teams to secure and finalise contracts
We have a well-practiced process for developing international procurement strategies for clients across regions, in tandem with a group’s corporate aims and objectives. Whether your portfolio is centralised or managed locally, our experts are there as part of your team to navigate you through the different market dynamics of each jurisdiction.

Energy supply contracts generally offer a fixed price or more sophisticated flexible contracting arrangement. They differ in terms of granularity, control, and budget certainty.

Flexible contracts have progressed in many countries, with some also enabling smaller volume buyers to participate. For water, currently only fixed price contracts are available, and this is likely to remain so.

It is vital to evaluate all the options available to you in each country of operation whilst adhering to the agreed strategy objectives. We achieve this through a robust tender process no matter the location or portfolio, analysing both quantitative and qualitative elements to provide an independent recommendation to your business.

  • We bring a wealth of experience and expertise in evaluating, negotiating, and operating energy and water contracts internationally
  • Our simple analysis packs help you digest the information clearly
  • Your personal account management team take you through each offer analysis, helping you understand the cost and operational implications of each offer
  • We deliver independent advice based on our assessments of the facts and our market expertise
  • Our recommendations are supported by our risk analysts and market experts, who are at one with your strategy and objectives
  • Importantly, for sustainability needs, we compare Green Tariff options as standard. Unbundled IRECs can also be tested, which can often prove more cost-effective.

For purchasing electricity and gas under flexible contract arrangements, we have developed clever but simple policies, systems, and methodologies, designed to control the risks associated with complex energy commodity markets.

Our risk management service helps you carefully control your energy budgets through the spreading purchases over your contract period. Our experienced risk analysts build and maintain policies alongside you and your risk appetite to ensure thorough operation of your contracts and ultimately the delivery of agreed budgets. The policy covers many important elements such as setting the budget, the contract structure, and managing the commodity costs.

Alongside policy development and contract procurement, we help you manage your strategy throughout the term of your supply contract through other activities, such as:

  • Position monitoring and reporting
  • Market intelligence reporting and updates
  • Trade execution
  • Reforecasting
  • Structured routine reviews
Our risk management experts apply their extensive experience and knowledge of global energy markets to help achieve competitive costs and greater stability for your organisation.

Global energy markets have changed radically in recent years and this impacts local markets and the ways in which energy is sourced, priced, and consumed. Growing market liberalisation and transparency have also led to more actively competitive pricing, which means we are seeing much greater market volatility at all levels.

Our Market Intelligence suite will help you to:

  • Understand the complexities of energy markets in your locations
  • Use detailed market analysis for improved decision-making and the sensible application of forecasts
  • Be up to date with the latest changes in your market from both a cost and regulatory environment
Our personal market update webinars structured specifically for our clients help them stay informed when it is most important for them, whilst our automated daily, weekly, and monthly market reports, both country and regionally focused, keep you updated regularly on the go.

Although still relatively new in the UK energy industry, Corporate PPAs (CPPAs) are expected to play a significant role in reaching a fully renewable future.

CPPAs are long-term agreements direct between generators and consumers to purchase energy generated from the source, covered by EACs, and help meet various sustainability and CSR objectives.

Through our network we can facilitate implementing CPPAs for our clients internationally. We work with our clients to identify their requirements, from building a business case, holding an RFQ process with developers, to final negotiation and contracting.

We then support the management of the CPPA through our risk management team, where the power is sleeved and factored into your current risk policy.

We have been successful in providing thousands of siteworks within the UK. Working alongside our experienced partners, we can help you with your energy meters and infrastructure needs.

We assist with new installations, disconnections, upgrades, diversions, and service alterations. Whether it is for single gas or electricity connections or for multiple locations, we make sure the work is done on time and on budget.

Our specialist knowledge, experience, access to industry contacts, and a dedicated approach mean that we can project manage your work appropriately, providing a link between you and the contractors, avoid potential confusion or unwanted delays.


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