June 12, 2017

World Bank: Update on Global Carbon Pricing

The World Bank is a long-time proponent of carbon pricing as an efficient tool to meet emission reduction targets. Its…
March 30, 2015

Beijing Shuts Down Coal Power Plants

Beijing, which has twice the average pollution in comparison to other cities in China, announced the closure of its last…
February 10, 2015

Oil Prices Playing Havoc with Everyone

Oil continues to dominate the headlines around the world. Its fluctuating prices have been causing headaches for some and relief…
October 10, 2014

The Oil Markets

Oil is constantly in the news, be it the security of its supply with geopolitical risks, the fluctuation of the…
June 23, 2014

China Signs £14billon of Trade Deals with UK

China continues to finalise mammoth deals this year, with £14billion of trade with the UK as a whole plus £11.8…
June 2, 2014

Russia signs 30-year gas deal with China

A few weeks ago, Russia and China signed a 30 year gas deal valued at $400 billion. The deal, which…
March 7, 2014

China’s Demand for Energy

With much of the energy world distracted by Ukraine, the Chinese have seen this as a strong opportunity to negotiate…
April 26, 2013

China’s Renewable Energy Rise

High growth, both by population and economical have fuelled China’s power demand. The effects, are as pictured, a nation now…
May 18, 2012

Oil Rises First Time in Seven Days

Oil rose for the first time in seven days in New York after China pledged to boost the nation’s economy…