national grid

June 24, 2019
zero carbon

Electricity from zero carbon forecast to be greater than from fossil fuels for 2019

National Grid has announced that Britain is on course for the electricity generated by zero carbon sources to be greater…
July 17, 2018

Future Energy Scenarios: Electric Cars Can Actively Support Decarbonisation

National Grid has published Future Energy Scenarios 2018, which shows a range of credible energy pathways from today out to…
April 17, 2018

National Grid Summer Outlook Predicts Lower Summer Demand

The National Grid Summer Outlook 2018 predicts that electricity demand this summer will be lower than last year. As a…
March 26, 2018

National Grid Considers Future Gas-fired Generation Demand

As part of a series of reports to help plan the future of gas operability, National Grid has released a…
January 15, 2018
BESS Battery Storage

BESS Secures Project Finance to Build 100MW of Battery Storage

Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) has secured project finance of £28.5 million from Santander, to help build a total of…
August 1, 2017

Government Plan to Encourage Energy Storage

Wide ranging reforms for energy storage operators will increase the flexibility of the UK’s energy system and reduce costs to…
July 18, 2017

Future Energy Scenarios Point to High Uptake of Electric Cars

The National Grid has published its Future Energy Scenarios (FES) 2017, which lays out a set of credible pathways for…
September 5, 2016

Energy Storage Success in National Grid Auction

Success for battery storage was seen in the recent National Grid auction for capacity that will ensure the system frequency…
October 20, 2015

Winter Outlook Report: Margins are “Manageable”

The National Grid’s Winter Outlook report was published last week, following consultation. (more…)