oil prices

February 22, 2022

Energy prices could reach new record levels if the Russia-Ukraine situation deteriorates

[London, February 22nd] — Jeremy Nicholson, Corporate Affairs Officer at Alfa Energy Group, comments on the impact of the Russia-Ukraine…
April 1, 2016

Saudi Arabia Ideally Wants the Oil Prices to Stay Between $25-$40

The Shale industry has thrived on an oil price above $100 as much of OPEC did and without much concern…
February 10, 2015

Oil Prices Playing Havoc with Everyone

Oil continues to dominate the headlines around the world. Its fluctuating prices have been causing headaches for some and relief…
April 19, 2013

Brent Oil

Brent crude dipped below $100/bbl for the first time since July 2012 as the prospect of fuel demand in the…