July 7, 2014

How Long Will Wholesale Prices be Subdued?

UK wholesale power and gas prices have dropped to record lows. Credit rating agencies have downgraded European utilities as they…
June 9, 2014

Why Have Power and Gas Prices Collapsed?

Power and gas prices in the UK are at their lowest level in over three and a half years. The…
August 2, 2013

Why Gas Prices Could Rise

Last week, we reviewed the four potential reasons global gas prices could decline. However there is a strong counter argument…
November 16, 2012

Crude Oil Rises on Middle Eastern Tensions

Crude Oil prices are firmer amid Middle Eastern concerns. Potential of further Israel conflict escalation and it’s effect in the…
November 9, 2012

Crude Rebounding Slightly

WTI Crude Daily timeframe price action rebounded slightly higher off last week’s lows. Support on the downside is located at…
July 20, 2012

Oil Price Drop 3.83%

Crude Oil Price dropped to $89.00 a barrel on Monday from the highs of $92.90 on Thursday last week. Traders…