March 13, 2018

Scotland to Reduce GHG Emissions by 66% by 2032

The Scottish government has published its new climate change policy, which details how it will meet an emissions reduction target…
December 19, 2017

Scottish Budget Increases Energy Spend Ahead of Energy Strategy

The recently published Scottish budget has increased energy spend in Scotland by 17% for 2018/19. The new budget will include…
February 22, 2017
water drop

Changing Currents: Why Switch Your Water Supplier?

In April 2017, water retail competition will start in England, joining Scotland, which has been successfully open to competition since…
February 13, 2017

Scotland Considers a 50% Renewable Energy Target by 2030

Scotland has announced plans for 50% of its energy requirement to be provided by renewables by 2030. Renewables already make…