Anaerobic Digestion


Anaerobic digestion (AD) is the natural biological breakdown of organic waste material “feedstock” which is converted into energy, known as biogas (a mixture of carbon dioxide and methane).

The biogas is used to fuel a combined heat and power plant where the power and heat can be used for onsite demand or exported. A by-product of the AD process is “digestate” (fertiliser) which can be sold providing additional revenue.

  • By 2014, producers of biodegradable and organic waste face the possibility of their landfill tax (a tax on the disposal of waste to landfill sites) rising to £80 per tonne (up from £40 per tonne in 2009)
  • Source-segregating organic waste, and having it collected, saves on Landfill Tax, transportation costs and reduces methane and carbon dioxide emissions
  • AD enhances your organisation’s brand and green credentials
  • The most significant advantage AD has over other alternative energy sources is that it delivers base load electricity locally (the energy consumed for day-to-day business operation that isn’t used in response to external weather conditions such as heating and cooling)
  • AD plants can be constructed and commissioned typically within 12 months, paying particular attention to health and safety regulation and best practice

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