Investing in Solar


Solar panels are a great way to use sustainable, natural resources to create energy. They can be used to collect sunlight and convert it into energy that can be used for electricity.

Even if you don’t collect enough sunlight for all of your electricity, you can collect enough of it to significantly reduce what you do use.

Once you’ve paid for the initial installation, your electricity costs will be reduced, thus protecting your business from rising costs. For every unit of electricity you generate, the government’s Feed-In Tariffs pay you for the electricity you generate, whether you use it or not. The Feed in Tariff is guaranteed for 20 years, thus providing a strong residual income.

If the building is empty and/or you are not using the energy generated, then you can sell that energy back to a supplier. Therefore you would receive income from the export as well as the Feed in Tariff. Depending how the project is financed, solar panels can potentially increase the value of your property.

Alfa Energy Group

Alfa Energy Group, an Edison Energy company, is an international energy, sustainability and technology consultant partner with 250 employees over 3 international locations. For over 25 years, Alfa has been servicing its clients’ needs through energy and water management, sustainability, and compliance consulting, and an intuitive ecosystem of user-driven energy, water, and carbon management software platforms. With coveted awards, an international industry-wide recognition, and clever simple solutions, today Alfa is partnering with clients to establish and deliver pivotal net zero strategies. Through smart energy management, the expertise and diligence of its people, transparent processes, and data management, Alfa continues to lead through its recognised gold standard of service delivery.