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Company Policies to Reduce Wasted Energy

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The graph above is the McKinsey Carbon Abatement curve, where they have identified what is the most cost effective method for lowering your carbon emissions. It also highlights these measures for energy efficiency. Insulation and LED lighting systems have been proven to be the lowest cost with the highest return. LED alone has been known to reduce electricity consumption by up to 60%.

To identify where energy savings can be achieved, it is essential to start by looking at how energy is currently being used. Conducting a walk round with a checklist will identify what is happening on the ground, where there is wasteful energy use and opportunities for savings.

Giving one person responsibility for an energy saving initiative at the site they could; be responsible for reading the meters and checking fuel bills and/or carry out a walk round at designated times to identify new sources of wasted energy.

“On average, 20% of the total energy bill in commercial offices is accounted for by office equipment – about half of this use stems from PCs and monitors”. There are also tax incentives for capital investments. The Enhanced Capital Allowance enables businesses to buy energy efficient equipment using a 100% rate of tax allowance in the year of purchase. These include technologies such as Combined Heat and Power, Heat Pumps, Compressed Air Equipment, HVAC equipment etc.

Making your staff aware of where energy is being used and asking them to identify efficiencies in their own spaces will inevitably lead to reduction in your consumption.

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