The Rise of Smart Meters


The age-old thermostat is going under a serious revolution. Once the bog standard, dreary looking device that once simply displayed the temperature, it is now the latest device to go under a digital makeover.

With these new devices, you can control the temperature, turn the heating off on your way to work, and turn it on when you leave the office—all remotely via an app. Once people become familiar with the technology, it will allow them to optimise their energy consumption.

New models of thermostats have been launched by several companies. Honeywell, who previously dominated the thermostat market, is now joined in its ranks by Nest, and British Gas’s Hive brand of thermostats.

Nest is considered by most to be the revolutionary leader in this market. Their idea was to make the thermostat more aesthetically pleasing and hi-tech. Their sales are now averaging over 100,000 a month, and with Google acquiring the company recently for £2 billion, they have really stepped out into the limelight.

As we are all faced with rising energy costs, minimising wastage of energy is a key component to reducing them. Why not do it in class with digital thermostats!

Alfa Energy Group

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