5 Reasons to Kickstart Your Renewable Energy Journey

  1. Power and Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) price hedge

Power markets can be extremely volatile and companies can insulate themselves against market risk exposure. As demand for Renewable Energy attributes increases and supply remains constrained, businesses are increasingly looking to lock-in longer term certificate purchases to avoid sharp prices rises in the future.

  1. Cost and climate risk reduction

Renewable Energy solutions can help you to meet the requirements of increasing environmental regulation and reporting, as well as protect against increasing fossil fuel prices and carbon taxes. PPAs can for example offer a long-term price stability which is good for planning and investment.

  1. Sustainability/additionality claims

As well as reducing your carbon emissions, Renewable Energy solutions have environmental and social benefits. Stakeholders increasing want to see that the power you source is ‘green’, and specifically, adding new  green electrons to the grid.

  1. Brand appeal and climate leadership

Consumers and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding climate action. With Renewable Energy solutions, you can signal your sustainability leadership among your peers and among leading businesses from other sectors. A defined strategy for renewable energy will ultimately make your brand more appealing and support the future viable sustainable growth of your business.

  1. Make strides towards your net zero ambition

Greening your energy is key to reducing your CO2 emissions. Whether through green tariffs, RECs, or Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), making energy your priority focus now will pay dividends in the long-term and help drive the transition to a low-carbon future. A strategy for Renewable Energy is critical to your company’s net zero ambition.

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Alfa Energy Group

Alfa Energy Group, an Edison Energy company, is an international energy, sustainability and technology consultant partner with 250 employees over 3 international locations. For over 25 years, Alfa has been servicing its clients’ needs through energy and water management, sustainability, and compliance consulting, and an intuitive ecosystem of user-driven energy, water, and carbon management software platforms. With coveted awards, an international industry-wide recognition, and clever simple solutions, today Alfa is partnering with clients to establish and deliver pivotal net zero strategies. Through smart energy management, the expertise and diligence of its people, transparent processes, and data management, Alfa continues to lead through its recognised gold standard of service delivery.