Security of supply for gas for this winter as LNG arrivals continue, but at what cost?


In this week’s Resonance energy market podcast Jeremy Nicholson talks to Alfa’s Jason Durden about UK energy markets and the outlook for gas supply security this winter.

In this week’s Resonance you will learn:

  • Oil causes political pain and the potentially counterproductive responses attempting to reduce pressure.
  • The risks to supply this winter for gas as we deliberate whether the margins are manageable.
  • Is LNG simply arriving because the price is high or are shipping challenges playing a factor?
  • Are we preparing adequately for a no show by NordStream 2 gas this winter?
  • European regulator defaults on fixing the EU ETS and remains a money making playground that is not fit for purpose. Is this an end to sensible pricing of carbon and a proper mechanism to fund renewable energy growth?
  • The outlook for the UK and across Europe as central banks continue to prop-up economies in the hope of a sharp recovery.


Resonance Podcasts

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