Equilibrium in energy markets reached again, but what does a challenging Q4 mean for energy prices


In this week’s Resonance energy market podcast episode, Jeremy Nicholson talks to Alfa’s Henry Homer as we return to equilibrium, but the fragile balance of supply and demand is causing challenges across Europe.

Topics explored include:

  • We return to equilibrium, but hydro and nuclear capacity remain a risk.
  • Renewables have improved and softened markets, but being intermittent present a challenge to stability without the appropriate storage technology to better manage grid supply.
  • Demand destruction is coming to the fore, with natural gas demand in May 23 25% down on average across EU member states, compared with the average for May between 2019-21.
  • What does the new European normal look like?
  • What would a difficult scenario mean for prices in Q4 2023?

Listen to the latest episode of the Resonance podcast. This episode was recorded on 7th July 2023.


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