Winter takes hold as large volumes of LNG help meet demand, but at what cost to business energy users?

In this week’s Resonance energy market podcast Jeremy Nicholson talks to Alfa’s Jason Durden about the UK energy markets, as a large volume of LNG delivers to balance demand and supply, but at what cost.
In this week’s Resonance you will learn about:
  • Hedge fund and speculative activity picks up in oil
  • Supply and demand for gas and power in the UK as winter takes hold and what it means
  • Interconnector capacity limits impact the import of power, exacerbated by issues with French nuclear production
  • Big demands on fossil fuels expected as short-term issues with transitioning to lower carbon generation are brought to bear
  • What this all means for energy pricing, inflation and interest rates as investors seek a safe haven


Resonance Podcasts

Resonance is an Alfa Energy Group podcast series where we explore some of the latest insights from the energy and sustainability sector as it goes through a significant transformation. Fuelled by new challenges, new ideas and new technologies, we discuss what it means for businesses to realise their energy and sustainability ambitions.