A difficult winter ahead for energy as we prepare for supply challenges


In this week’s Resonance energy market podcast, recorded on 20th July, Jeremy Nicholson talks to Alfa’s Jason Durden about UK energy prices, as the market mulls NS1’s awaited return and gas demands from Europe.

Topics explored include:

  • NS1 down for maintenance as markets ponder if flows will return this week
  • UK awash with gas as we export to Europe with it’s target to meet 80% storage capacity ahead of winter in peril
  • EDF expected to return to 100% state ownership as France makes the first move of European nations to do so
  • The most difficult winter since deregulation ahead as we consume more gas and even coal in summer to underpin power generation
  • Oil still rangebound in price moves with the real challenge being in refining enough product


Resonance Podcasts

Resonance is an Alfa Energy Group podcast series where we explore some of the latest insights from the energy and sustainability sector as it goes through a significant transformation. Fuelled by new challenges, new ideas and new technologies, we discuss what it means for businesses to realise their energy and sustainability ambitions.