Significant price falls in energy, but what lies ahead


In this week’s Resonance energy market podcast Jeremy Nicholson talks to Alfa’s Daniel Veasey about energy prices today and ahead, with significant falls in prices of gas and electricity over the last 6 months. 

Topics explored include:

  • The impact on risk premiums – Storage at record highs across Europe for the time of year, demand destruction, energy efficiencies and strong LNG supplies contribute. 
  • European energy prices remain high in the global arena, impacting business competitiveness. 
  • Despite the cold snap in northern Europe and a tightness in power generation, there is little impact on power prices as we head towards the summer season. 
  • Carbon remains high and on the increase, testing technical levels. 
  • Risks for the immediate future: Asian LNG demand, the nuclear fleet in France, Russian supplies to Europe when considering LNG volumes, and the impact of hot summers on power generation with multiple risks from droughts across Europe. 

This episode of the Resonance was recorded on 9th March 2023. 


Resonance Podcasts

Resonance is an Alfa Energy Group podcast series where we explore some of the latest insights from the energy and sustainability sector as it goes through a significant transformation. Fuelled by new challenges, new ideas and new technologies, we discuss what it means for businesses to realise their energy and sustainability ambitions.