As energy prices have plunged, why is the relative calm at risk?


In this week’s Resonance energy market podcast episode, Jeremy Nicholson talks to Alfa’s Henry Homer about the relative calm we are experiencing, and why it is at risk as we head into the summer months.

Topics explored include:

  • A price plunge, but what next for Europe?
  • What about carbon given its volatile past?
  • Why persistent structural risk puts the relative calm in jeopardy.
  • Demand destruction in Europe due to lack of supporting policy.
  • Supply availability while good at present, is countered by higher supplier margins – more so in Europe than the UK.
  • Across Europe the percentage of commodity costs has increased relative to non-commodity costs:
    • Management of commodity costs has once again become an important feature for good delivered energy prices.
    • Will this trend continue with the potential to make Europe attractive for industry once more?
  • If you haven’t already, why you should be looking to tender your supply now.

For details of the discussion, listen to the latest episode of the Resonance podcast below.

This episode of the Resonance was recorded on 6th June 2023.


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