Alfa Energy Group

May 5, 2016

Customer Specific Electricity Risk Management

The chart above is a two-vertical axis chart showing two hypothetical customers’ expected electricity usage profile for 2017 on one…
April 8, 2016

United States Geological Survey (USGS) Highlights Earthquake Risks Due to Fracking Activity

On March 28th, a report released by the United States Department of the Interior indicated that the odds of a…
March 16, 2016

Natural Gas and Electricity Prices are at Multi Year Lows

The sharply negative month-to month change numbers in February 2016 for natural gas and electricity prices indicate that the bear…
February 8, 2016

Supreme Court Issues Ruling Upholding FERC Authority to Regulate Demand Response

On January 25th, the Supreme Court issued a 6-2 (Justice Alito recused himself) ruling reversing the 2014 U.S. Court of…
January 18, 2016

Electricity and Natural Gas Review and Forecast

We enter 2016 in a deflationary environment for natural gas and electricity. In this article we would like to review…
December 9, 2015

Impact of Clean Power Plan on Coal Both Short-Term and Long-Term

On October 22nd, the Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), a national business association committed to advanced energy solutions endorsed most goals…
October 7, 2015

Energy storage technology improvements could change electricity industry landscape

Rapidly declining costs and advancing technologies regarding energy storage are changing the economic landscape of the electricity industry in both…
September 9, 2015

Forward Natural Gas and Electricity Prices Discounted Versus Historical Prices

As we have now completed two thirds of the year we want to examine the current forward curves for natural…
August 6, 2015

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Final Rules for Clean Power Plan

On August 3rd, the EPA issued the final rule for carbon emissions from the electric power sector, known as the…