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Make Money Winter 2015 with Demand Side Response!

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Following from the launch of Demand Side Balancing Reserve (DSBR) for Winter 2014, the National Grid is now launching a new tender to procure capacity for next winter from November 2015 to February 2016.

This provides an opportunity for industrial and commercial electricity consumers to earn money by offering to reduce or shift demand during periods of high system demand when called upon.

The service is aimed at those businesses with flexibility to offer a load shifting/load reduction service.

It is a voluntary service and will not be used to force consumers of businesses to switch off or reduce electricity demand.

  • No mandatory requirement to participate – simply paid when do.
  • New stream of revenue.
  • PR angle of being part of Virtual Power plant and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Free Energy Management Portal for you to use to get more out of Demand Response, as well as use for energy forecasting.
  • Given 2 hour notice to turn off demand.
  • Max of 4 hours a year.
  • Weekdays.
  • 4pm – 8pm from Nov 1st – 28th Feb.
  • No requirement to turn down when asked.
  • Paid when delivered. Not paid when not.

For further information on how you can benefit from Demand Side Response, please contact the renewables team on 0208 090 1834

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