Alfa Energy Group

August 3, 2015

Energy Market Update – 3rd August 2015

In December, under the UN Framework Convention, the “Conference of Parties" (COP21) will take place in Paris. This meeting will…
July 29, 2015

Energy Market Update – 27th July 2015

Energy is a very hot topic! Everyone has a view on some aspects but overall these are very diverse. (more…)
July 21, 2015

Energy Market Update – 20th July 2015

The UK Energy Market, like most others, is very fragmented and the coordinating of the different factions to provide one…
July 13, 2015

Climate Change Levy Exemption to be Removed

On July 8th, Chancellor George Osborne presented his 2015 Summer Budget wherein he announced the removal of the climate change…
June 29, 2015

Shale We Talk About Fracking?

In the oil and gas business, there is one subject that remains the most controversial— hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. (more…)
June 26, 2015
Diana - Unsung Hero 2015

Unsung No More, Diana Bebic Bags Prestigious Award at the 2015 TELCA’s

On the evening of 26th June at the Mermaid Theatre in London, alfaenergy Senior Energy Consultant Diana Bebic was presented…
June 26, 2015
Energy Awards Finalist 2015

Double the Fun! – Alfa Energy Finalist for Two Awards

alfaenergy has been shortlisted for Broker of the Year award at the 2015 Energy Awards and Best Advisor/Consultancy at the…
June 23, 2015

Cutting Costs and Increasing Profitability by Going Green

Following a history of previous investment, Ikea has recently announced that it is investing 600 million euros in renewable energy…
June 15, 2015

What is P272?

You will have been aware that since April 2014, all maximum demand meters (technically, meters with profile classes from 5…