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September 30, 2013

How Is Your Bill Made Up?

This varies with the amount of energy consumed. Smaller or micro-business are likely to be billed in a similar way…
September 23, 2013

British Gas Set to Raise Prices

Last week it was announced that British Gas is to raise bills by up to 8 per cent. They are…
September 16, 2013

One North Sea

As neighbours linked by a common sea, UK and Norway have long enjoyed strong economic ties underpinned by trade and…
September 9, 2013

The Biofuels Controversy

On Wednesday the European Parliament shall vote upon the parameters for the use of crop-based fuels. (more…)
August 30, 2013

The Syrian Stalemate

Many questions have been raised upon the stalemate situation in Syria. Any external military intervention has already caused global markets…
August 23, 2013

European Fuel Smuggling

Europe has a growing black market for fuel smuggling. The rising cost of fuels, largely diesel, has led to a…
August 16, 2013

Oil Hits a New High

This week Brent oil breached $111 a barrel. A four month high on supply fears throughout the Middle East. Sentiment…
August 9, 2013

Future Trends of Gas

Over the last few weeks we have discussed the impact of a global gas revolution. It is fairly certain that…
August 2, 2013

Why Gas Prices Could Rise

Last week, we reviewed the four potential reasons global gas prices could decline. However there is a strong counter argument…