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April 16, 2013
I&C and SME Awards - TELCA

Shortlisted for both I&C & SME Awards at TELCA

alfaenergy has now been shortlisted for both the I&C and SME Consultancy of the Year Award at The Energy Live…
April 12, 2013

CHP – Combined Heat and Power

CHP is first and foremost an energy efficiency technology. It allows you to reduce power consumption without compromising the quality…
April 5, 2013

UK Shale Gas/Fracking

The extraction of Shale Gas is done by a process called Fracking. By drilling down a high-pressure water mixture directed…
March 28, 2013

Currency & Storage

Currency The impact of a weaker pound will be felt in higher fuel and energy prices, and more expensive holidays.…
March 22, 2013

UK Signs 20 Year LNG Deal

Centrica, the holding company for British Gas, will buy 1.75 million metric tons a year of liquefied natural gas from…
March 15, 2013

UK LNG Supply

Centrica, UK’s biggest household energy supplier envisages signing a long-term LNG import deal with U.S. companies. The current 3 year…
March 8, 2013

Impact on Clients & How Do We Pay for the FiT Incentive

FiTs is currently being charged by all suppliers on your Electricity bill up to 31st March 2013 and from 1st…
March 1, 2013

UK Storage

Why Do We Need More of It? Today (04/03/2013), we have just witnessed U.K. natural gas for within-day delivery jump…
February 28, 2013
I&C and SME Awards - TELCA

Participating in The Energy Live Consultancy Awards

As alfaenergy continues to grow, so do our aspirations for success. These aspirations not only help our business grow, they…